7 Tools to Share your Slides with the Audience

The best tools for sharing presentations online with others

A great speech, an amazing audience and no easy way to share the slide deck afterwards. That’s what many professional speakers, coaches and trainers regularly experience. Presenting to an unknown audience is part of their daily business and sharing presentations gets very difficult if you have no contact details of your viewers. Instead of focusing on delivering a perfect speech, the nightmare about informing the audience to visit some page later on to download the slides negatively affects the performance. After spending a lot of time to create the perfect slideshow, it is definitely worth to think about the best way to share it with the audience. Of course, it should be shared online. It must be easy, without any hurdles for the audience to access. Find out how you can easily share your slides with the audience!

1. SlideShare

SlideShare is by far the most famous slide sharing tool for presenters and widely known. Your presentation can easily be uploaded on SlideShare and distributed to an unlimited audience. SldieShare is a powerful tool for sharing information, especially if you want everybody in the world to access your presentation – no matter if they were at your speech or not. While SlideShare is a great tool for sharing documents with everybody, it is less manageable for sharing presentations specifically with the audience in the room and includes spreading loss because not everybody will be able to remember your presentation’s name or simply forget to download the file back at home.

2. Beamium

Beamium makes it possible to share slides in real-time with your audience. You can upload your document on Beamium and automatically get an 8-digit ID. This ID enables your audience to download the presentation from Beamium in real-time. Hence, Beamium makes it possible to share your sides with the audience but excludes everybody who has no ID and no direct link to your presentation. Beamium can be used to directly present live on the smartphones, notebooks and tablets of your audience or to share your slides immediately at the end of your speech. The innovative live-sharing aspect of Beamium minimizes divergence losses since your audience will download the presentation directly at the event. In addition, Beamium includes a lead feature which makes it possible to request verified emails before the download. Doing that maximizes the number of contact details you can generate at your talk. In addition, the viewers can write feedback or messages to the presenter afterwards. Simple analytics help to analyze the effectiveness of your slides and show you which pages the audience likes most.

3. Slidesnack

Slidesnack enables you to embed presentations online and to share it with the audience afterwards. You have the possibility to choose your favorite template and customize your presentation. The biggest strength of Slidesnack is the slidecast, where you can add voice to your slide deck. If you want to add some comments to your slides and allow your audience to re-experience your presentation at home, Slidesnack is a cool tool for sharing your presentation. Even though it needs more time to share your slides with Slidesnack, the voice feature makes it possible to reach your audience via various platforms such as Youtube.

4. SpeakerDeck

Another online presentation sharing tool, SpeakerDeck, converts your slides into nice online slideshows. Your audience can view them directly on SpeakerDeck, or on your own website if you decide to embed the presentation. SpeakerDeck is an interesting alternative to Slideshare with a rather specialized feature set. Similar to some other services, it is possible to embed presentations on your own website which definitely has some advantages.

5. Your own website

Some professional speakers prefer their own website for distributing slides. The biggest advantage of using your own website for sharing slides is the fact that people visit your website and maybe have a look on some other content of your page as well. However, operating a well-designed website and keeping it up to date takes a lot of resources. At the same time, the spreading loss is still high and technical problems are difficult to handle for single speakers. Moreover, it is difficult to capture emails with the own website. In best case, the emails should be verified automatically, which cannot be implemented easily for every individual presentation which you plan to share. It should not be your issue to optimize the effectiveness of sharing the slides - rather use another platform and share the access link to the platform on your website. Some platforms such as Beamium even allow to embed the presentation additionally to your own website with the same functionality.

6. The event organizer’s website

At some of your speeches, the event organizer will ask you to send him your presentation and distribute it to the audience. While some event organizers take the effort to collect the presentations of all speakers and update them in case of changes, in most situations the collection process results in chaos and last minute changes are impossible to handle. Based on the fact that the visitors of the event already had contact with the organizer’s website, this way of sharing slides includes a smaller spreading loss. Sometimes, it can be great to use the event organizer's platform additionally for reaching the audience. But you should not solely focus on it since the motivation of the event organizer to share your slide deck is less strong than your own enthusiasm to stay in touch with the audience.

7. Collect the contact details of your audience

A rather old-fashioned way of distributing slides to your audience is the collection of contact details. If you are lucky, some of the interested participants of your presentation come to you after your presentation and share their contact details. It’s great if you are able to generate some leads directly at the event, but the spreading loss is huge and no introvert participant will receive your slides. While collecting contact details is still used by older professionals, some of the presented tools – e.g. SlideShare, Beamium – make it possible to generate contact details in a modern way.

We hope you enjoyed our overview of some of the greatest presentation sharing possibilities. Naturally, there is not the perfect tool for any situation but we are sure that you will choose the right one for your next speech – to make it possible for the audience to get your awesome presentation! Please be aware that this is not a full list of all tools available on the market and that we had not enough space to highlight every feature of the amazing tools presented. We wish you all the best for your next presentation and are looking forward to hearing from your experience with the tools!

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@annademy

Author: beamium