7 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Slides

The benefits of sharing slides online

You just finished your presentation and don’t know if you should share your slides or not? Well, there are at least seven good reasons why you definitely should share your presentation slides with the audience.

1. Presentations are marketing tools

Holding a presentation gives you a chance to market your business, yourself or a certain topic. In all cases, the slideshow should be used as your marketing tool to effectively reach the people. Hence, the more effective your slides are, the easier will it be to market your business. Many people need visual information in addition to your voice to understand your talk. On top of that, presentations make it much easier to follow your session – even if there is not much information on them! If you want to market with your presentation, you should make sure that your audience keeps the speech in mind. The easiest way to do so is to share your slides with them.

2. Slides help your audience to remember

After a long day and ten presentations, your audience has forgotten the most things you talked about. By sharing slides with them, you can help to recapture the information of your talk. If you want to make sure that your presentation is remarkable, share your slides to remark the information on the devices of your audience.

3. Contact details

Presentations are the most effective way of getting in contact with prospective clients. All the audience members are valuable leads. Therefore, you should include your contacts in the slideshow. While only some people will write them down directly, most of them need a second chance to look on them afterwards. By sharing your slides, you also share your contact.

4. Touchable presentations

Your audience listens to your voice and the look on your body language. On top of that, the slideshow makes it possible to see information. But there is one more element missing. Your presentation should become touchable! The participants want to get something that they can bring back home and share with their colleagues. By sharing your slides digitally, you make it easy to add this element to your presentation.

5. Generating leads

The main objective of business presentation: getting leads. If you have not known that so far, now you do. Don’t let somebody tell you that you should raise awareness or position your company as an industry expert. Presentations in the business field are synonymous for chances to gather valuable leads. Hence, make sure to capture leads when sharing presentations. By using the innovative presentation sharing tool Beamium, leads can be captured easily.

6. Forwarded slides

Even if your audience members are not the optimal target group, they maybe have a colleague who perfectly fits. By sharing slides with listeners, you enable them to forward the document to other interested people. Sharing presentations makes it possible to multiply the number of potential leads.

7. Feedback and analytics

If you are smart, then you don’t simply put the slides on your website for download. By sharing them with Beamium, you can keep the contact to your audience (and still share the link on your website, social media channels and many more). At any point in time, they can contact you again, to ask you questions or to give you feedback. At the same time, you can see in your personal account how your presentation performed. Find out which slides the audience liked most, where they left the presentation and how often the returned afterwards. The more information you get from your shared slides, the more likely it is that you become even more successful with your next presentation!

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Author: beamium