7 Awesome Collaboration Tools

How to work smarter in remote teams

Working together over distance can be very efficient. But only, if you are able to deal with the natural challenges of remote teams. Don’t’ expect that everything will just work out. If you are responsible for coordinating a remote team, this list summarizes some great collaboration tools for making remote teams work.


Beamium makes presenting slides and documents online effective. Simply upload your document with one click and present it directly on the audience’s devices. Perfect for discussing documents and optimized for marketing presentations. Simple interaction features encourage every viewer to participate. A great tool for sharing documents in real-time cross-device.


Dropbox is an easy and cost-friendly way of sharing files in teams. Access to the documents can be handled and changed at any time. An optional desktop application is available to work faster with Dropbox. Everybody has access to the files at any time and changes can be tracked. An effective tool for working together on the same document at different times.


Pipedrive is primarily a CRM tool for sales teams. It helps your team to organize the sales process effectively. Even though the tool is very simple compared to other CRM tools, it offers great flexibilities for customizing the pipelines for your business. Besides its strength as a CRM tool, Pipedrive can also be used for structuring other lead processes.

Red Pen

In school, we hated red pens but with this great tool you will love them. Red Pen helps you to get feedback from an unlimited number of team mates. The tool is especially recommendable for web designers who work over distance on projects. The fact that uploaded images can be updated at any time makes it super easy to get feedback on the latest version of the file.


Slack helps you to coordinate team communication. With Slack you can easily share comments, feedback and files to speed up your communication processes. Any new information can be shared with the whole team or via private messages with individual team members. A well-implemented search function helps everybody to keep the overview.


Audio conferencing, screen sharing, video conferencing, group conferencing, chats – whatever you need, Skype probably has a solution for every aspect of communication over distance. A nice way of talking to somebody – no matter where he is located. Skype calls can either be used for working together with the whole team or for meetings between two team members.


Trello helps you to get an overview of your project at one page. The dashboard of Trello makes it possible to visualize tasks. This includes prioritizing actions, tracking the project’s progress and many further extras.

Of course, it makes sense to combine several of the presented tools. A good project needs specific software for working on documents, presenting them, organizing processes and overall communication structures. Make your collaboration effective and try out some of these awesome gadgets!

Image Source: ©unsplash/@scott_umstattd

Author: beamium