6 Secrets every Smart Salesperson Knows

Find out how to become more effective at sales

Meeting sales targets can be very challenging these days. After many bountiful years, most corporations count on efficiency. This new era makes it much more difficult to acquire customers. While blind ambition was often sufficient to achieve sales targets in the past, a smarter way of selling should be chosen nowadays. By looking behind the sales secrets, we help you to become a smart salesperson. Combined with your insatiable motivation, it will be possible again to exceed your sales targets. By working smarter instead of harder, you will also be able to balance work and life.

1. Smart work vs. hard work

Before you start to enhance specific tasks of your work as a sales manager, you should ask yourself a basic question: do you believe that hard work or smart work will make you more successful? Hard work describes the situation of working extra hours to reach your goals, while smart works emphasizes on doing things differently for more success. If you are not sure how to answer that question, you could simply rephrase it: do you want to work longer, or do you want to be more effective without working longer? Now, you hopefully got the difference between working harder and working smarter and chose option number two. The times where more sales calls resulted in more closed deals are – unfortunately – over and it is necessary to improve sales techniques to meet targets nowadays.

2. Analyze your flaws

Everybody has flaws, even you. The next step to become a smarter salesperson is to analyze your daily routines. What are you doing every morning? Where do you waste your time? Which prospective clients never call you back? By asking these fundamentals questions, you can find out how you behave and what you should improve. Of course, we often think that we will notice such things anyway and optimize them on the go. But that’s not the truth. Only if you take your time once a week for a couple of minutes and sit down to analyze your little errors, you will be able to improve your behavior next week. Don’t forget: you must write everything you analyzed down, otherwise you won’t change. Print the analysis out and check if you really follow your recommendations.

3. Ask your colleagues

Slack, HubSpot, LinkedIn and hundred more sales tools can be used nowadays. But trying all of them takes too much time. Even reading about all of them takes too much time. Simply ask your colleagues which tools they use and try them as well. In best case, you have some fellow friends who work in other companies, or even in other countries, to ask. The more diverse your little survey gets, the better will the recommendations be. It’s not only about the tools used. It’s also about the sales techniques. Doing small talk with some of the successful sales people helps you to avoid mistakes and enhances your techniques.

4. Focus on the top clients

Your time is valuable. Therefore, not every prospective client is worth the effort. Focus on the most promising clients and neglect the others. You should always have a list with the top 100 accounts you work on – and only focus on the top 20. The higher the potential revenue, the more interested the contact person – the better the deal.

5. Upselling is half the effort of selling

If this is not your first month as a sales representative, you probably already have some clients in your database. The like your product so much that the regularly pay for it and you managed to convince them. Why don’t you ask how they are doing? And if they are doing well, why don’t you sell them some upgrades? Leveraging on your existing clients is often easier than selling to new customers. There is so much information which you gathered during the sales process. Now, all this information can be used for upselling. Even if the client does not need an upgrade, he maybe introduces you to some colleagues, friends or customers who are potentially interested in buying. After selling your product, your customers are the most valuable database you can imagine. Use this potential and leverage on them!

6. Sell effectively with Beamium

Becoming a smart salesperson is all about bringing more effectiveness in your pipeline. Effective lead classification, effective follow-ups and effective lead closing. With Beamium, sales presentations can be shared with prospective clients or presented in real-time during sales calls through the whole lead process. Using Beamium for sharing sales presentation helps you to get more information about your potential clients’ behavior in the document and enables them to easily get in touch with you for follow-ups. With Beamium, you can present your documents in sales calls and add visual information to your calls, while your viewers can directly go through the document themselves afterwards. Totally web-based, without installations and with the most promising call-to-actions for smart follow-up activities. What are you waiting for? It’s time to sell smarter and to skyrocket your revenue!

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@jordanfmcqueen

Author: beamium