6 Creative Presentation Ideas

These creative ideas will make your presentation special

More often than not, the listeners of your presentation will participate in other presentations on the same day as well. At congresses, events and even at university, there is mostly a competition about the viewers’ attention. Hence, your presentation must be outstanding so that your audience remembers your slide deck. Independently from the topic of your presentation, there are some creative ways to deliver the content to your audience unexpectedly.

1. Start with a joke

Starting with a gag brings you the full attention of your audience … if it is a good one! Beginning your presentation with a joke is very risky. In the best case, everybody will understand the joke and the whole tension turns into relaxation. However, there is also a high chance that your audience does not understand the joke and just laughs because of mercy. There are some tips which we can give you about jokes. First, do not use jokes at the very beginning if you talk to a totally new audience. Give your audience a chance to understand your normal way of talking so that they can easier differentiate between facts and humor. Second, make sure that everybody listens to you before your start with your joke – half a joke is rarely funny, no matter how good the joke might be.

2. Project images instead of slides

Images can be very powerful. Why don’t you put some nice pictures into your slideshow to dramatize important points of your presentation? And if you are very keen, why don’t you try to show only slides at your presentation? There are many negative, but also some very positive effects of presentations without any content. It will be more difficult for you to present without any information on the slides. But therefore, your audience will pay full attention to your words. Put some pictures into your next slideshow and see how your audience reacts!

3. Wear funny clothes

It maybe sounds stupid, but wearing fancy clothes guarantees you the attention of your audience. Moreover, you can be sure that people talk about your presentation (and especially about your outfit) afterwards. Although this presentation style could sidetrack from your talk, it is a great chance to position yourself as a speaker. In case that you want to be remembered by your audience and if the setting is not too serious, simply put a cheerful cap of your favorite Disney character on your head and find out what happens.

4. Stop your presentation, start your story

In some situations, your audience will simply not fall in love with your talk. After the first seconds, you already feel that the theme of your slideshow does not fit to the overall setting and you would prefer to run away. But if you have half an hour left, why should you continue with your existing slides which do not fit to the scenario? Make a small break, start with a story which is somehow related to the topic and make the audience happy again. Do not try to push your information, but rather to entertain your listeners for the rest of the time. Even if they were not interested in your slides, everybody should leave your presentation with a good feeling.

5. Use creative presentation tools

Many of us do not feel comfortable with jokes or funny clothes. No problem, new technologies offer creative presentation experiences as well. Easypolls, Slido, Beamium, and Swipe are very good examples of innovative tools to make your presentation creative. Try all of them and find out, which one fits your needs best. Ask your audience for their feedback, invite them to vote at a certain question or enable them to share your slides on social media!

6. Why don’t you dance at the end?

If you are a good dancer, why don’t you finish your presentation with a little dance performance? If there is enough place in the room, turn on some nice music and ask your listeners to join your dancing session! Even if there is not much place, they can simply move on their chairs to the rhythm. The less the dance is connected to the content of your presentation, the more surprised will your audience be.

In a nutshell, there are many ways to make your presentation creative. Not all described methods will fit your presentation style or your personality. No matter which technique you choose, be aware that the execution is crucial and decides about the success of your speech. Don’t put too many creative elements into one presentation – less is more! And do not get upset if the reaction of your audience is not as good as expected, there are many other creative ideas which you can try the next time!

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@alejandroescamilla

Author: beamium