5 Ways to Use Beamium

Congresses, conferences with phone or video, pitches and at universities

If you have to give a lot of presentations and lectures, you know the problem: how do you make an impression that will stick in your audience's memory, and how do you differentiate yourself from all the others? Thanks to the flood of information we're subjected to in today's professional world, there's a certain art to not being forgotten immediately after delivering a presentation. Handouts and email mailing lists have become obsolete – in today's digitalized world, you need a different approach. This is exactly where Beamium comes in – it's cost-effective, sustainable, and digital. The presentation tool works via your browser without any installations, and is particularly easy to use. After uploading your presentation file on www.beamium.com, the presentation you're working on is uploaded to the Beamium server and given an 8-digit ID. This can be used to distribute the presentation. Anyone who has the 8-digit ID can load the presentation via every web browser, and follow along simultaneously as you present. Afterwards, the slides remain on users' smartphones and tablets, and single slides or entire presentations can be exported, complete with any notes you may have added. Whether you're delivering a presentation within your company or to a larger public audience, Beamium is an innovative tool that offers countless possibilities.


Delivering a presentation in front of a large audience – at a conference, for example, or a trade fair – is always demanding. It's often difficult to appeal to the entire audience. However, it's not all about having a good stage presence or being a good public speaker; the presentation you bring with you also plays a huge role. Visual statements – theses, numbers, and statistics – are often more memorable. Beamium's great advantage here is that all of the members of your audience can access your presentation on their smartphones and tablets while you're presenting, ensuring that listeners who cannot see the stage or the screen do not miss anything. And afterwards your speech can be taken “to go” on listeners' devices, which saves you the trouble of printing and distributing handouts. One further feature of Beamium that's especially interesting for organizations and businesses that value their social media presence is the option to share a presentation over Facebook etc. with a single click, massively increasing the reach of your information.


Beamium is just as useful at universities as it is at conferences, helping visibility in large auditoriums and allowing you to do away with handouts. It also makes interactions between students and professors more efficient, enabling students to have another look at lectures at home on their own devices. That way assignments can be distributed in direct connection with subject matter. Since slides can be exported and notes can be added, students and professors can work together hand in hand. Work processes are made easier, ensuring that all students are on the same page – and working with the same documents.

Phone conference

Beamium can also be a useful tool within a company, especially now – when work locations are often flexible and companies often operate in several locations, Beamium can help improve the workplace climate. Telephone conferences have become standard operating procedure, having replaced in-person meetings as the way colleagues stay up to date and discuss topics affecting the company. Since there's no visual element to a phone conversation, however, it's easy to miscommunicate, especially when a presentation is a part of your meeting. To avoid complicated instructions to move onto the next slide or load a specific version of a presentation, Beamium is the ideal solution. A presentation can be controlled at one location, and will run in sync at another – regardless of how far apart you are.

Video conference

Just as with phone conferences, video conferences are one practical solution to improve time management at work, saving travel costs and time on the road. And here, as well, Slideflight offers a huge advantage: all conference participants can follow a presentation simultaneously, regardless of where they are. Video transmissions can always fall victim to interruptions or delays – but Beamium guarantees that the contents of a presentation will arrive uninterrupted, ensuring that your video conference is exactly as efficient and easy as an in-person meeting.


At a pitch, the most important thing is to sell yourself, your business, or your product. Using Beamium doesn't just show innovation, it shows sustainable thinking. After all, all of your potential investors or business partners automatically receive your entire presentation on their own devices, and can have a look at what you've presented later to recall important details. Aside from that, Beamium makes sure you're supplied with all the important facts, without needing to have all of the active partners on-site. You can designate slide-decks to be part of your online presentation, but not be saved to the tablets and smartphones of your audience members.

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