5 Ways to Improve your Productivity with Beamium

In the hectic of today´s working atmosphere, productivity is the key to a successful work culture.

Achieving the major quantity of tasks and goals while consuming the least amount of time possible is a must for a successful company or even independent workers. However, since we are not machines, our multi-tasking abilities have certain limits. Therefore, as part of the new digital revolution, we need innovative solutions that help us save time and produce efficient results. This is where tools like Beamium come into play, permitting us to share our documents in form of PDFs with viewers in a matter of seconds, through a simplified and straightforward platform. How can this improve your productivity? Here are five examples to make your time more productive:

Location flexibility:

Since Beamium is an online tool that helps you share your PDF documents from browser to browser, physical, face-to-face presence is no longer a requirement when discussing important topics. Your productivity will be significantly enhanced through the amount of time saved in transportation to meeting places, even at an international level. Flexible workplaces are more often sought after and such solutions make this a reality.

Clear telephone calls:

During diverse phone calls, where abstract topics must be discussed, visual aid is elemental. With Beamium this can easily be achieved in order to avoid misunderstandings and tedious explanations over the speaker. Your productivity will quickly boost for every second you save on the phone line trying to depict complicated topics and so will your phone bills.

Simultaneous presentation:

Beamium ensures that during meetings or conference calls including many members, everybody is on the same page. Since the live presenting feature of the platform synchronizes viewers on the same page of the document, participants will rarely get disoriented and slow the rhythm of the presentation with numerous questions. In various conferences half of the time is spend coordinating the information flow between all different participants. Beamium helps gaining productivity by avoiding exactly this.

No handout distribution required:

Another productivity obstacle, especially in businesses, is the need to print numerous handouts and flyers to distribute between the attendees at meetings and conferences. Not only does this represent a major waste of paper, but it also consumes a significant amount of time. Green solutions like Beamium let you be more efficient while taking care of the environment.

Reduced follow-up need:

Often the case presents itself where after a meeting or call, follow-up has to take place since key topics discussed are forgotten or did not disseminate clearly enough. This naturally sinks both the productivity of the one who presented as well as the one asking for information brush ups. Beamium has the possibility of enabling a download option for the documents presented, which can be read and reviewed afterwards in case any doubts remain.

Our fast paced society and business-live need constant innovations that support productivity enhancements and reduce time consuming labors. A hundred years ago Henry Ford invented the assembly line, permitting a redistribution of labor. Today, the digital revolution and tools such as Beamium are mirroring this trend in order to enter a new digital era of productivity.

Image source: ©iStockphoto.com/maselkoo99

Author: beamium