5 Ways to Enhance the Quality of Inbound Leads

Follow these five steps for better marketing qualified leads

Managers often want to get more leads to increase the company’s revenue. But what the really should desire is a higher quality among the leads coming from inbound marketing. It’s rarely the case that a company does not get any leads from marketing campaigns at all. Often, there are many leads coming in, but the conversion rate is catastrophic. If the quality of new leads could be improved, the expectation about growing the number of leads would become much more realistic. Here are five secrets on how to get better leads through inbound marketing:

1. Define your target group

Everybody in the world could be your customer, theoretically. So why don’t you just run an add which is seen by everyone – independently of his age, profession and interests? Because it simply is a bad idea. You want to show how your product solves a specific need. But needs can be very different. Hence, the clearer you become about your preferred customers, the easier it will be to follow on with the next steps.

2. Market where your customers expect you

Showing an ad in Facebook could be a great choice for B2C companies, but there are not many B2B companies out there which grew their business with Facebook. For choosing the right marketing channels, you should know where your customers are. The better you defined your target group, the easier will it be to choose the right platforms. Do your customers actively search for solutions like yours? Or do they hang out half the day on Facebook? Or do they read their emails, even if it is pure marketing? The answers vary and depend on your buyer persona. A top manager probably uses other channels than a politician. Furthermore, it is important that your target group is also likely to react on the ad in this channel. I, for example, use Facebook every day but I rarely look on the ads. If there are nice holiday destinations displayed, I maybe would have a second look on them. But even though I would be the right customer for marketing or sales software, I don’t want to be disturbed in my leisure time with these ads. On LinkedIn on the other hand, they make much more sense for me. Try to think like your target customer to better estimate your likelihood of success.

3. Solve the problems of your customers

It’s great that you have the coolest product in the world and I even like your website. But what shall I do with it? Your customers see your website maybe for the first time and don’t know what your expectations are. In your ads as well as on the landing pages it must be clearly shown in which situations you are going to help the customer. The better you demonstrate that you understand your client’s pain point, the more targeted can your ads be.

4. Implement white paper marketing with Beamium

You want to have many, interested leads, right? Okay, but what is more important for you? Getting many leads or getting good leads? You might think that there is no right or wrong – but that’s not true. It is important to start with the right leads, before growing them. If you don’t improve the quality of your leads first, your conversion rates will be poor – no matter how many leads you have. Unfortunately, the online marketing business made it quite difficult to get leads with a great quality. To improve the quality, white paper marketing can be used. It simply means that your customers see a presentation (e.g. on your website, in your blog, on your social media channels) and click through the first few slides. After that, they have to share their contact details with you before being able to see the rest of the presentation.

This is great for two reasons. First, you only get the leads of the really interested people. If somebody already looked on the first slides of the presentation, you know that he has some interest. If he then even shares his contacts with you to see the rest of the presentation, it’s just awesome. This is the client you want to have. Second, by letting the prospective client click through the presentation, you have the chance to guide him through a story. If he simply clicks on your landing page, he could start and stop to read everywhere. But by using white papers, you define the customer experience. With Beamium, white papers can be created in a very simple way. First, you have to create your white paper – e.g. with PowerPoint. Second, upload the document on beamium.com. Third, embed the presentation on your website or share it with your followers. That’s it. A perfect white paper marketing instrument for every sales and marketing representative.

5. Analyze the lead process and continue with improvements

Let me ask you a simple question. What do you currently know about the leads which you get? Well, the somehow submitted somehow their email addresses. Awesome, that’s like knowing that soccer is a game with a ball. As a marketer, you should know many more things. The leads will be categorized as marketing qualified leads and you want to make sure that the conversion rate is good afterwards. Hence, you need to optimize. By sharing presentations or documents with Beamium, you get the information you need. You will find out how many people looked on the first slide, how many people looked on the second slide and how many people shared contacts with you. You will also know, where most people left the presentation so that this slide maybe should be optimized. What is more, Beamium offers in the presentation several possibilities for your viewers to get in touch with you for arranging follow-ups, to share feedback with you and to ask questions. All these nice extras are summarized in a great report which guarantees that the quality of your leads can easily be improved. Beamium is more than a lead-generation tool. It is a tool which enhances the quality of your leads and simultaneously gives you the power to improve your marketing information. If you want more leads at a better quality, you want Beamium.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/flenjoore

Author: beamium