5 Tools Every Sales Representative Should Know

Close more deals with these innovative technologies

There are many reasons why sales guys should very effective nowadays. Our business world gets more and more competitive which results in a stressful job for marketers. There have been times when closing deals was easier than today. On the other side, there are some very great sales tools which help you to become more efficient. If you want to close more deals, you should not miss these five tools:


Beamium is an online presentation platform for presenting effectively to customers. Simply upload your document on beamium.com and invite your clients to join the presentation (either via email-link or via phone with an access code). Beamium automatically creates a digital slideshow of your document which allows your client to go again through the document after the presentation. Great interaction features and analytics help you to generate more leads. Documents can also be shared without presenting them beforehand in case that you simply want to analyze the interactions of the client with the document. A great analytics tool for documents which helps you to get more information after sharing your documents and to benefit from forwarded documents.


HubSpot is an innovative CRM tool with a focus on sales and marketing. Equipped with the usual CRM features and extended with special tools for sales guys. Creating emails gets very easy with the templates of HubSpot, as well as monitoring the deal after sending them. HubSpot can be extended with various integrations. Several sales features help you to close more deals, specialized on the current stage of your deal. A simple but very effective CRM tool for sales or marketing purposes.


You surely have already hard about LinkedIn. Probably you also have your own LinkedIn profile. But what about using LinkedIn for sales activities? Even if you have the email address of somebody, it is much more personal to build a network on LinkedIn. LinkedIn does not really enable you write emails to people with whom you are not connected. But if you want to get in touch with some prospective customers, you can first add them to your network and introduce yourself afterwards. In case that you already had contact with the future client, LinkedIn is a great tool for depending your relationship. Find out more about the person’s background to better understand his needs. What is more, LinkedIn enables you to share regular updates with all your contacts.


Evernote itself is useful for sales reps, but its product Scannable is awesome for dealing with business cards. How often have you received business cards and spent hours to scan all the information? Scannable does not only scan your business cards easily, it further selects all relevant information and turns the cards into virtual contacts. The virtual profile will automatically include the person’s LinkedIn profile which saves you a lot of time and fosters your interactions. A great gadget for turning old-fashioned business cards into virtual profiles.


Up to know, we explained how Beamium helps you to present and share documents effectively, how HubSpot can be used for CRM purposes, why business cards should be scanned with Scannable to directly bring you to the LinkedIn profile of the person for starting a deeper relationship. Great tools if you use them separately, but how awesome would it be to use them and many others together? Zapier tackles this problem and helps you to connect your sales apps which each other. With the help of Zapier, you will become much more efficient in using all the awesome tools. Zapier saves you time which enables you to focus on the most important part of your job: selling.

We hope that this overview helped you to get some new information about the described sales tools. Of course, there are many other interesting tools available as well which help you to become awesome in your job. Try out these and other sales tools and let us know how much it helped you to close more deals!

Image Source: ©unsplash/@albertosaure

Author: beamium