5 Tips to Market your Business on Twitter

The pros and cons of Twitter compared to other social media channels

Social media marketing is one of the new marketing channels which many companies should be able to master. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other platforms offer space to present your business. In this blogpost, we will have a closer look on the marketing possibilities which Twitter offers.

1. Choose Twitter if you aim for brand awareness

Tweets are very short and only a brief information can be shared every time with your followers. With this information, you need to get enough interest so that your followers click on the link to e.g. your blogpost. Getting retweets only works if you have a catchy tweet with relevant hashtags. But hundred retweets do not mean that hundred users and all their followers come to your website. Often, people automatically retweet and share relevant content with their followers. Sometimes, they do not even click on the link themselves. Hence, Twitter is great for getting brand awareness, but generating leads is much more difficult at Twitter.

2. Follow industry influencers at the beginning

At the beginning, you should follow many industry influencers. If your Twitter picture and your profile description are relevant to them and sound interesting, about every third person will follow you back. This helps you to get the first major followers which hopefully retweet some of your future content. Even though this is a great strategy to start with Twitter, after a while you should get new followers organically.

3. Follow back and engage with your listeners

If somebody new follows you, he often expects that you will follow him back. In case that there are no reasons why you should not do so (such as spam profiles for example), we recommend to follow back everybody. Moreover, you should start to engage with your new listeners regularly. Tweet to them directly and thank them for following you, have a look on their last tweets and retweet if you find something interesting and like some of their future tweets to show your ongoing interest.

4. Product high-quality content at large quantity

Twitter is much more crowded than most other social media platforms. Tweets will be seen for a couple of minutes only. Hence, you need to tweet a lot. About 20 tweets per day are normal. What is more, you should also tweet some of your content for several times to ensure that everybody can see the post. The content should always have a good quality. While some of the tweets should talk about your business, others should mention interesting industry facts or news which are relevant for your followers.

5. Think twice before spending budget on Twitter

As already mentioned, we rather see Twitter as a channel where you can get brand awareness than as a lead-generation platform. Hence, you must be careful by spending money on Twitter ads. If you are planning to use Twitter for a multinational company, you can definitely spend some money to improve your brand awareness. But if you have a much smaller budget for online marketing, we would (for the most businesses) not suggest to spend it on Twitter. There are some exceptions, e.g. if you have a business which is close to media or journalism, but other than that we would recommend to use Twitter without spending any money on ads. It’s a great platform to get in touch with your followers and to get awareness, but it’s probably not the best way to get leads on a regular basis.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@schwiet

Author: beamium