5 Tips to Market Businesses on Facebook

The secrets of using Facebook for business purposes

Everybody knows Facebook, but most people only use it for private purposes. A great social network for interacting with others, sharing pictures and socialization. But what about using Facebook for your business? Although most companies have a Facebook page, many of them don’t have a clear strategy on how to turn followers into customers.

1. Brand awareness and leads combined

Some social media platforms such as Twitter are more likely to bring you brand awareness than leads. Other online channels like Google AdWords focus on inbound lead generation. Facebook combines both strategies and helps you to raise awareness while generating leads. Hence, if you are not sure yet how important brand awareness will be for your company and how much budget to allocate for SEM, Facebook can be a good start for your performance marketing activities.

2. Get started with your own community

Starting a new Facebook page can be tough. In the very beginning, it is hard to get the first thousand followers. There are two ways on how to get them. First, you could start with a small budget allocated on Facebook ads which helps you to get interested followers. Even though this is a little bit expensive, it can save you a lot of time. Second, you should try to invite your existing customers (e.g. via Newsletter) as well as your personal community to the new Facebook page. Make also sure to implement a Facebook icon on your website, in your mailings and at the bottom of your blog.

3. Post a few times per week

In contrast to some other social media channels, there should not be too many posts on your website. We recommend one post per day at maximum. Based on the fact that there are not too many posts, the quality should always be high. A high quality means that your posts are relevant for your followers. You should find a good mix between sharing your own content and sharing other relevant information.

4. Interact with your followers

It is very important that you interact with your followers. Only the followers which regularly like or comment your posts will see your future updates. Facebook makes money by showing ads and by so called sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are seen by many more people than the updates which you do not sponsor. Only the active members among your followers will therefore regularly see your not-sponsored posts. Make sure to answer to comments without delay. Moreover, messages should be answered on the same day as well.

5. Spend your budget wisely

The full potential of Facebook for businesses can only be used if you allocate a decent budget of your marketing budget to Facebook. When doing so, you have to choose wisely if you really want to sponsor your posts, or if you want to get visitors to a landing page for turning them into customers. Budget can be spent on Facebook every day with a lot or with limited success. Only if a dedicated person of your marketing team spends time to monitor the ads every day, you will see if it makes sense to allocate further budget to Facebook or to stop your campaigns. Overall, Facebook can be a powerful tool for promoting your business. But if you have no experience with Facebook, a lot of time and money can be wasted initially before getting first customers.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@walre037

Author: beamium