5 Tips to Create Effective Sales Presentations

How sales representatives can craft successful presentations

As a sales representative, you know how important it is to convince your potential customers. Besides the verbal communication, your sales material is essential. Follow these 5 tips to create more effective presentations.

1. Start with a summary

It maybe sounds strange, but the best way to start your sales pitch is a brief summary. After your introduction slide, you should immediately summarize which problem your business solves. Make clear what you actually do so that the potential client immediately understands your product. Don’t deliver information step by step. Two or three sentence at the beginning of your slide deck should be enough to straighten your business idea.

2. Talk about the problem

After the summary, you should have a closer look on the problem which you are solving. Why does your customer need to have a look on the product? Is there no solution on the market which solves his problem? Does your product offer more efficiency? Don’t assume that your customer automatically knows that he has a problem which you can solve. It is your job to help him understanding the advantages of your solution.

3. What is your USP?

After discussing the problem, you have some space left to continue with your solution. What makes your product special? Why does the customer have to buy it immediately? If you are able to understand the customer’s pain points and help him to overcome them, the buying decision will be made very fast. It’s not necessary that your product is better in every single aspect. Focus on the key strengths of your solution and mention 2-3 points which make you special.

4. Concluding with the price

The price of the product should be mentioned at the nearly end of your presentation. Often, the price itself is not the reason why a customer buys your product. Keep it short and do not talk too long about the pricing. Especially for bigger clients, the final price will be re-negotiated anyways. A last slide should summarize the presentation in very short bullet points at the end to recapture the client’s positive feeling for your business.

5. Keep it short

Now your presentation is done, right? Not really. After drafting your sales presentation, you should go again through every single slide and delete unnecessary information. Maybe you can even merge two slides. In our business world, there is not much time for inefficiency anymore. If you can cover all the points above in your sales deck, your final job is to keep the length reasonable.

Image Source: ©unsplash/@alexb

Author: beamium