5 Tips to Keep the Audience Focused

How to become more effective as a presenter

Talking in front of an audience is one thing, but keeping your listeners focused during the whole presentation is slightly more difficult. In this article, we reveal 5 presentation secrets which help you to engage your audience.

1. Arc of suspense

Every presenter knows that story-telling is the modern way of presentations. Instead of mentioning fact by fact, a central theme should be followed in your presentation. But what if your presentation is boring? Story-telling is not only about forming a story with your presentation. It must be an interesting one! In the best case, you form an arc of suspense which makes your listeners excited about the next slides.

2. Effective slideshows

How can you make your slides more effective? A modern search engine optimization term is called ‘density’. It describes the situation where a high-quality content is embedded in a brief article. You can also use the concept of density for your next presentation. Often, the most important take-aways of your slides can be summarized in two bullet points, backed by some more information. An effective slideshow is short but informative. An effective slideshow includes all relevant information and neglects nonrelevant text. Finally, an effective presentation can easily be understood by everybody.

3. Space for interactions

Make sure to give your audience enough time to ask questions. A presentation is no one-way street. It is important to listen to your audience and to promote contributions from your listeners. The sooner you start with interactive discussions, the more powerful will your relationship with the audience become during the presentation. Keep your talk interactive and maximize the audience presentation.

4. Don’t force your audience to stay

Voluntary participation is the most important element of a powerful presentation. If your audience must listen to you, there can always be an internal feeling of discomfort. Your audience should be allowed to leave your presentation at any time if they do not see the value of attendance any more. It is your job to make your presentation helpful for the target audience. Teach them something new and make them want to listen to your speech.

5. Space for breaks

Having a look on the smartphone, doing some small talk and other little breathers are needed from time to time. Give your audience the space for little breaks so that all these necessary things can be done. You will never be able to avoid all distractions if there is no extra time for them during the whole day. Support these little breaks and make sure that the audience follows you intensively for the rest of your talk.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@kawkaw20

Author: beamium