5 Tips for Discussing Architecture Plans

A simple way to discuss your designs with your business partners

Pressure and time restrains are not something new to architects. Since university, architecture students have to spend sleepless nights surviving on coffee to deliver project after project on time. This, of course, also forms part of their later careers. A key phase during every architect’s work is the discussion of their designs and plans with the diverse partners. Here architects have to work and coordinate with clients, engineers, interior designers and many others, while adhering to a deadline. Therefore, it is important for them to know how to enhance their productivity when discussing their plans with the diverse business partners. In the 21st century, thanks to diverse technologies such as CADD or Beamium, many advantages are available for architects, which can ease their everyday work life drastically. Here are 5 tips that can be useful for any architect.

1. Taking care about copyright

As with any artistic profession, copyright is sometimes a big issue. Many architects don’t consider acquiring a copyright insurance or protecting their intellectual property in any manner, which might result in later infractions. As in the case of web design, many times mock-ups or initial designs are presented openly, which results in clients rejecting the project, but building an almost identical design with different partners. An architect can always defend his intellectual property, but it is a fact that registering copyrights provides enhanced remedies against such violations, such as lower attorney fees, higher compensations and so on.

2. Deliver the design by parts and charge respectively

This is a more common practice among architects, since clients expect to see how the design is developing. Usually an initial design is presented, a developed one follows after discussing with the clients and then a final, detailed version is presented. It is recommended to charge respective fees for each step and not a complete sum until the last version is provided.

3. Communicating ideas in a clear, visual manner

It is important not to get entangled in complicated software and unorthodox solutions. This might be interesting for architects, but in order to transmit ideas clearly to partners and avoid misunderstandings, relatively simple tools should be employed according to the occasion. The normal CADD and BIM technologies should usually do the trick.

4. We are in the 21st century, keep it digital

It is much easier to communicate the diverse plans with partners using digital formats of the designs. Paper files and blueprints can easily be lost, damaged, require more time to be elaborated, result on bulky and uncomfortable paper mountains and are not the friendliest approach towards the environment.

5. Time is vital – present the plans from afar

Meeting in person with every partner involved, every single time a design is finished, is a luxury architects can’t take. It is a fact that the different individuals will want to see and discuss the plans, but this shouldn’t mean that productivity has to be sacrificed. Screen sharing solutions tend to be an invasion to privacy and sharing the files via emails or similar can result in misunderstandings and will not represent the message of the architect firmly. Tools such as Beamium permit architects to present their plans live online with just one click on any device and OS desired. They just need to upload their pictures or PDF files and share the 8-digit code with their viewers. They can then discuss the plans page by page in real time with their partners while conversing over the phone or any VoIP solution. This results in a clear and visual presentation that will catch the attention of the viewers and will therefore help to avoid misunderstandings. Afterwards, if required, the architects can enable the files for download.

Beamium helps designers in general save time and costs in transportation, paper and coordination and also enables them to transmit a crystal clear message to other business parties. Thanks to such tools, architects can get a huge load of their backs.

Author: beamium