5 Proven Tools to Engage your Webinar Audience

Reliable webinar tools to interact with your audience

Webinars are a great way to share your thoughts and information with interested audiences all over the world. This without even leaving your home or office. However, just as when you select on which conference you would like to hold your presentation, for a webinar you have to choose the adequate tool for hosting it. It is important to choose a platform that is reliable and doesn’t crash constantly or work deficient as the number of viewers increases. You also have to keep in mind that some viewers might not enjoy the same internet connection quality you do and therefore need an option that can not only work on the go, but also doesn’t consume a giant amount of bandwidth. The other key aspect you should consider when choosing the right tool, is to select a solution that allows you to efficiently interact with your audience, capture their attention and maybe even their contact data, to generate valuable leads. Here are some of the most reliable alternatives out that also let you engage your audience actively:

1. ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk is one of the big webinar solutions out there with a large range of products for many conferencing and webinars. It allows you to host webinars or meetings directly from your browser by sharing a simple code with your viewers. Moreover, your audience can interact through recording options, chats, Q&A session and polling. A further follow-up email feature works great for feedback.

2. Beamium

Beamium is a new player that offers one of the most straightforward and reliable webinar solutions out there. It allows you to upload and share documents live with viewers in a matter of seconds and present to them in real time, slide by slide. The tool is pretty lightweight and works with any kind of internet connection. You can combine it with any free audio solution such as www.freeconferencecall.com for amazing webinars that will hardly provide any technical difficulties. Moreover, viewers can provide feedback on single slides while sharing their contact details with the presenter. A post-presentation report provides the presenter with the performance of each slide, individual feedback and contact details.

3. Omnovia

Omnovia is another big player out there and one of the main direct competitors of WebEx. As with Beamium, there is no necessity to download any software since the tool work as a reliable web-based platform. It might come in a bit pricey, but the possibilities to interact are multiple thanks to webinar recording and sharing options, customization, and document sharing folders to share different files with the audience.

4. Fuze

With Fuze you can even host meetings from your smartphone. As it is also web-based, the users won’t require any installations, administrator rights or IT person support. The tool also provides interactive solutions such as Q&As, file sharing and other options to gain real time feedback.

5. MegaMeeting

MegaMeeting is another good alternative that has been out there for a while. As the previous options, it is a browser-based platform that allows you to host a webinar even from your smartphone. The viewers can engage in the presentation through multiple options such as chats, polls, surveys and document sharing. It is ideal for online training, seminars, product demonstrations and many other possibilities.

Bonus tip: Twitter

Although Twitter is not a seminar tool per se, it can very well enhance your interactivity with your audience and allow you to collect some important contact details. You can ask your attendees to share feedback and comment by tweeting with a specific hashtag and in this manner can see your feedback life and also know from whom it came.

The quantity of webinar tools out there is immense and therefore it is naturally complicated to find the ideal one for each specific session. Do you need a straightforward, lightweight solution that can capture contacts such as Beamium? Or would you prefer a larger tool with extensive video options such as Omnovia? When selecting your tool just keep in mind that what matters most, is the user experience your viewers will have. Do not disappoint them with an unreliable tool that keeps crashing and you can be sure you will get that well deserved positive feedback.

Image Source: ©unsplash/@jeremy_thomas

Author: beamium