6 Web-Based Productivity Tools for Sales Representatives

Increase your productivity at work with these awesome web applications

Our lives have become deeply complex and fast moving. It often is hard to stay organized and productive throughout the day. With most of our communication taking place digitally via our smartphones, tablets and computers it is plausible to further manage our to-do lists, thoughts and ideas with the help of technology. Let us introduce 6 meaningful web-based productivity applications to you.

Improve your daily efficiency with these web-based productivity tools:


Do you know the frustration of scrolling down your Facebook news feed to find this one specific article you saw before – and now you can’t find it anymore? We sure do, this is why we think Pocket is a great productivity application. With Pocket you can save articles to your personal list of ‘read it later’ items. You can save articles, videos and photos and access those whenever it fits you best. You don’t even need an internet connection, as your saved items are also available offline on the Pocket App.


SoundSnip is an application that allows you to capture only the most important parts of a meeting, presentations or conversations. Whenever something important happens, tap once and SoundSnip captures the last minute of audio on your phone or smartwatch. It enables you to keep the most valuable key points - containing only the information that truly matters. Wasting time reviewing audio tapes or writing protocols are a thing of the past. We think, SoundSnip is an innovative application for business and leisure environments.


All of us are working with some kind of lists and notes to remember the groceries we need to buy or the tasks for the next day at the office. There are so many things one needs to think about during a day, so it makes sense to note down thoughts, projects and tasks to stay organized. Evernote lets you remember everything and gives you access to your notes with clear categorization and search options within your own lists.


Do you notice how much time you spend checking your personal emails and scrolling down your social media feeds during your working hours? RescueTime helps you understand your personal digital habits so you can focus and be more productive. The web application runs securely in the background on your computer or mobile device. It provides you with data based on your online activity and gives you detailed reports. Also, distracting websites can be locked and you can set personal alerts when you spent a certain amount on an activity. For us, RescueTime is a great time management application.


Trello is a web-based project management tool. Especially for team projects, where collaboration and organization of tasks and responsibilities are most important, Trello does a good job. You can easily organize and assign tasks and deadlines to other group members. With feedback and voting options Trello allows interactive and efficient team management. It is a useful tool in several application areas - from organizing your business project to choosing a vacation destination with your family and friends.


Holding presentations and giving speeches has become a daily task for many of us. Whether you are a student, professor, sales representative or project manager, Beamium will simplify your way of communicating and sharing information. Beamium is a platform to present documents live from browser to browser without the need to register or install any software. All in a matter of seconds. You can discuss, share and present documents anywhere in the world. Reach an unlimited audience with one click in real time. Beamium allows digital, innovative and interactive communications without jeopardizing the security of sensible data.

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Author: beamium