5 Great Document Conferencing Tools

Innovative data collaboration tools for remote teams

Remote teams make it sometimes challenging to share information. So called “document conferencing tools” make it easier to collaborate together and keep everyone up-to-date. We collected 5 great tools which help your remote team to share and discuss documents with each other.


The UberConference service makes it easy to share documents and notes in teams. UberConference offers many other “traditional” conferencing services such as screen sharing or web conferencing as well. The document sharing feature of UberConference combines and integrates well-known tools (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote). UberConference should especially be used by remote teams which search an all-in-one solution for conferencing purposes.


Beamium is a web-based collaboration tool which makes it easy to discuss documents online. Documents and presentations can be uploaded on beamium.com and presented on the devices of your audience. The viewers are always on the same page as the presenter and can give direct written feedback instantly. Beamium can be perfectly used during telephone conferences to share documents in real-time. Moreover, the tool makes it possible to access the documents after the call again. A detailed reporting helps you to keep the overview among all contributions.

All Conferencing

Like UberConference, All Conferencing is an all-in-one solution and combines various conferencing possibilities. Its document sharing feature makes it simple to collaborate on documents in projects or among teams. Especially its commenting feature motivates everybody to contribute. Multiple documents can be shared at the same time as well.


Sync.in makes it simple to edit documents together on the web. Changes by one person are automatically displayed on the others’ devices. A real-time chat and social media integrations make it a great tool for document conferencing, especially for creative tasks such as brainstorming. All changes are tracked in case that a previous version of the document is needed again.

Google Docs

It is nearly needless to mention Google Docs as a collaboration tool, since everybody knows its advantages! Co-creating documents together with remote team members becomes very easy with Google Docs. Multiple people can work on the same document at the same time which makes it very efficient to co-establish reports. Everything that is changed will be saved automatically by Google Docs. Even if you are used to work with Word, Google Docs offers possibilities to convert word documents to Google Docs files.

We hope that this selected list of document conferencing tools helps you and your remote team. These five tools are somehow different but compatible. While Sync.in and Google Docs target the co-editing part of the document conferencing market, Beamium focuses on presenting and discussing files online. UberConference and All Conferencing offer a larger feature set which enables you to expand the collaboration scenario.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@firmbee

Author: beamium