5 Apps for Being more Productive at Work

A little help to improve your everyday work

The professional world is changing. While ten years ago most offices were outfitted with only a computer and a telephone, today laptops, smartphones, and tablets are standard pieces of equipment. These tools aren’t just practical because they allow you to work anywhere and at any time – smartphones and tablets also offer a variety of useful apps. These apps can make your day-to-day job easier and simplify complex processes, whether in the office or communicating with colleagues. The real advantage to working with apps is that they are always available, whether you’re on the way to a business meeting, on the train, or even abroad, making your work more flexible and efficient – which is essential for the modern business.

The following apps in particular can help lighten your daily load.


Wunderlist is the ideal app to get organized. From to-do lists to appointments to shopping lists, all information is gathered together and available to be retrieved and edited. A reminder function makes sure you won’t miss another important meeting, birthday, or appointment, and Wunderlist Pro, the upgrade to the free basic app, lets you collaborate with colleagues, meaning you can share and edit projects and lists – perfect for inter-office communication, especially when colleagues are often traveling.


The GoButler app works like a virtual assistant – but rather than fulfill your requests with an algorithm, GoButler relies on real human beings. The free service is available for any request. Whether ordering lunch in the office, booking a flight for the next business trip, or buying a present for your boss, all you have to do is send an SMS or a WhatsApp message and you’ll receive a suggestion with a bid that you’re free to accept or reject. Payment is completed through PayPal, and the initial request is free. The service is available 24 hours a day, and not just in Germany, but also Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, the USA, and Canada.


The ABBYY app is a so-called Business Card Reader, and works like a scanner. It’s perfect for people who are often on the run and run into a lot of current and potential business partners and clients on the way. With ABBYY you can always pull up the cards you’ve collected without having to carry them all with you. The cards are read via your camera and organized in your smartphone so that you can pull them up quickly later. You can make calls directly within the app, write messages, and connect to your new contacts on social media – and if you’ve allowed your smartphone to track your location, you can keep track of the place you originally scanned a card in, making it easy to organize your contacts even much later.


If you have a lot of appointments and receive a lot of your email on your smartphone or tablet, it’s important to be able to open standard office formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – even in a train or taxi. With OfficeSuite that’s not a problem. The app presents documents so they’re easy to view and read. Documents can be edited, and new files can be created. The app even supports functions like autocorrect, printing, and template formatting.


If you’re often on the road for conferences, you’ve run into this dilemma before: useful information, maybe even handouts, balled together in the depths of your file folder or briefcase. The Beamium web-service lets you track and save presentations. It’s only necessary that the speaker presenting uses Beamium – then anyone can follow the same presentation on their own device on www.beamium.com, or save it to watch later. What’s more, the presentation can be shared with colleagues, single slides can be exported, and notes can be kept. The app is just as practical for the speakers themself: through a simple web-based tool without any installations or extra software, many additional viewers can be reached – and retained.

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Author: beamium