4 Tools to Get the Attention of Your Audience at Webinars

Engage your viewers with interactive presentations

20 years ago you still had to drive all over the country or fly all over the planet to attend a specific conference. Nowadays you can just host your online seminar from your preferred location to viewers all over the planet. Thanks to technology, the logistics got significantly simplified. However, the same requirements for a successful presentation still apply: provide quality content, develop a clear storyline and more importantly, engage your audience. Getting the attention from your viewers is even more complicated trough a digital screen, than it is face to face. Your webinar`s attendees will have millions of distractions just one click away. So how can you capture their attention to ensure that the information you are sharing is clearly received? There are specific tools and features which can help you retain you listener’s concentration, here are four of the best ones:


Cisco’s WebEx is usually the got -to tool for webinars and has been in the market for a while. The tool’s relatively elevated prices are justified by excellent video and audio quality and multiple functions for bigger events, with the possibilities of displaying various panelists at a time with their slides and data. Moreover, with WebEx viewers can interact with the presenter and other users thanks to polls and chat options.


Citrix GoToWebinar is another big player out there. As with WebEx, GoToWebinar might not be ideal for those with a tight budget, however the features are well worth it. It not only provides HD video functionalities and attendee registration, it also engages the audience with diverse surveys and polls.


Beamium is a newcomer in the webinar market, with a straightforward and economic online platform to engage your audience. With Beamium users can follow the presenter’s slides in a synced manner from any device and download the presentation as a digital handout. Furthermore, they can mark specific slides as favorites and also provide personalized feedback or questions per slide by providing a contact email address. In this manner, viewers won’t get bored, questions won’t remain unheard and the presenter will be able to check the report once the webinar’s hectic is over.

Google Hangouts + WebinarsOnAir

Google Hangouts is another more recent player out there, developed by the Californian tech giant. As with Beamium, it works on all devices and platforms and saves you a lot of cash, while providing a great tool to engage your audience. Google Hangouts lets your audience send chat messages or interact with photos and emojis and it even permits you to publish meetings directly to YouTube. For larger, more professional webinars you can combine it with WebinarsOnAir. Just keep in mind you will need a google account to get started.

At the end of the day, the tool you choose will naturally depend on your specific requirements. Therefore, it is always good to have an overview and keep your audience’s needs in mind. How easy will it be for them to join your presentation? Do they have to create and account or download any software? From which devices can they access your presentation? And most importantly, can the actively engage in the presentation? You want to make sure you catch the attention of the audience from the first minute until the last one. What better way than providing them further innovative solutions.

Image Source: ©unsplash/@sidneyperryphotography

Author: beamium