4 Tips to Enhance your Content Marketing Strategy

How to boost the impact of your content

Your content marketing activities are crucial for successfully getting inbound leads. While high-quality content was neglected in the past, it became more and more important in the last months. The better the content, the better will the leads be which you get. Since content marketing is a rather new marketing channel for most businesses, there is probably space to improve your content strategy as well. These 4 tips will help you to use this modern marketing channel more effectively.

1. Density

Modern content marketing got a new buzzword: density. It describes a great quality content, squeezed into a reasonable number of words. While quantity dominated the early days of content marketing, quality became more and more important. In the last years, content marketing focused on producing quality at large. Blogposts often had some thousand words (no matter if anybody would ever read through all the text). Since a while, it became crucial to balance quality as well as quantity. For getting well-ranked results it is important that you get a better understanding of all the elements of your content including length, number of visual elements and the number of links. On top of that, we recommend to integrate your content strategy in your blogposts. In best case, all your blogposts should be linked to each other so that your viewers have the chance to get deeper into the topic the currently touched. Producing density content is not that easy. While writing blogposts was sometimes assigned to junior employees in the past, it became top priority for many marketing executives recently.

2. Multiple languages

It is common to translate your website into multiple languages. This takes some time, but it can normally be done with reasonable resources. After translating all descriptions and tutorials, you need to make sure to modify all language versions in case of any changes. But translating your whole blog (and all the new blogposts) can be amazingly tough. It is still impossible to find superior translating tools so that translating content must be done by humans. Hence, creating multi-language content can be tough and multiply your costs. It is therefore very important to focus on the most promising languages. Many companies start with an English blog and translate it step-by-step after the first success. Make sure to strategically add new languages to your blog, but be aware of the costs.

3. Qualified leads

While SEM brings you many leads at a rather low quality, content marketing is king when talking about high-quality marketing leads. The people who read your blogs exactly look for a solution like yours and should therefore be turned into leads. But not every of the blog visitors really wants to be contacted. Hence, it is important to separate the moderate-quality leads from the top-quality leads. By embedding presentations in your website and blog, you can ask for email contacts after the first couple of slides. This guarantees that only the really interested people get into your database and are qualified as MQL. The innovative marketing presentation platform Beamium enables you to upload presentations or documents with one click on beamium.com and to embed them in your website easily. By customizing the settings, you can define at which point of time the viewers must share their contacts with you before seeing the rest of the presentation. What is more, Beamium fosters interactions so that your viewers can write feedback, ask questions or arrange follow-up calls easily in the presentation. To analyze the success of the embedded content and to improve it, Beamium offers detailed analytics to monitor the success of each single slide. A totally new era of producing highest-quality leads with your content.

4. Content controlling

I am sure that your company has a financial controlling department. It totally makes sense to control the financials of your business. But who analyzes your content marketing campaigns? And who guarantees that you take the right steps for improving your content? Analyzing and improving content is equally important to writing and sharing it. Hence, you should ensure that there is somebody responsible for improving the quality of your blogposts.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@iamjohnhult

Author: beamium