4 Tips to Get Press Coverage

How to convince journalists to write about your business

Press coverage is a great way of marketing your business. In contrast to paid aids or TV spots, posts on well-known blogs showcase your business in much more detail to potential customers. By building valuable contacts to journalists around the world, you can market your product globally with reasonable resources. We hope that these 4 tips help you to get more press coverage too:

1. There is no free coverage

First of all, it is important to understand that good press coverage costs money. That does not necessarily mean that you must pay for getting featured. But all the time your marketing team spends on building a relationship and writing messages to interested journalists costs money as well. Getting good coverage needs time and often takes several months. You should be aware of these hidden costs of PR. Yes, a good article brings you hundreds of potential clients – but how long does it take to get there? Be aware of the labor costs which you need to pay for getting this article. Experienced employees which already have a large network of journalists can be useful, but only if the network is in the same (or at least in a similar) industry than your business.

2. Focus on the most relevant media

If you want to get press, there are basically two possibilities. Either, you try to get in the niche media where your most valuable target customers are. Or, you try to get press wherever possible to reach the mass. The best choice depends naturally on your product and your overall strategy (to raise awareness or to focus on leads). You should know how PR fits into your marketing strategy and how to position your business. Do you want to be seen as a niche product for a specific reader group? In that case, it could even make sense to pay for press coverage in niche magazines. If you want to reach the mass, you should rather target larger blogs and avoid paid PR.

3. Establish relationships with journalists

Press coverage is no single task job. It’s not about getting featured and goodbye. Before you even get featured, you should get in touch with the right journalists. Find out who is interested in your type of business. Follow his social media accounts and stay up-to-date about what he writes. Share your updates regularly with him but do not always expect to get featured. If you are successful in starting a relationship with a professional writer, you will benefit in the long-run from multiple articles about your product.

4. Revise your pitch

The fact that somebody is not writing about you does not necessarily mean that he is not interested in your solution. Maybe you just have to rephrase your pitch to be successful. There is more than one way to position your business and you should not give up before you tried several ones. Make your pitch interesting so that every journalist must write about you!

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@marcusdallcol

Author: beamium