How to Best Present Web Designs to Clients

4 Tips to enhance your web design presentations to clients

We know that you are an amazing web designer! That’s why we want to help you to optimally present your wonderful design creations to your clients. Taste is something very subjective, but an optimal presentation of your designs will convince even the most critical customer. Here are our 4 tips for sharing web designs with clients:

1. Schedule an appointment with enough time for your presentation

In our hectic business world, nobody has time for meetings which are not “necessary”. Your client probably has a full time schedule and wishes to receive the final web designs simply via email. Even though your client pays good money for your work, he does not know how important it is to take time for the final presentation of the work as well. For you as a designer, it is very important that your client understands your web designs and the decisions you made. Therefore, it is not enough to simple send the results via email. Designs are something emotional and should be presented carefully. You do not necessarily have to meet in person (which often takes a lot of time and money on both sides), but make sure to arrange a remote appointment with sufficient time to go through your design work.

2. Don’t send the new web designs via email beforehand

It cannot be said often enough: guide your client through the creation process of your designs and explain, why you recommend this specific logo for your client. In contrast to you, your client is not familiar with the way how designs are created. In most cases, his decision will be very subjective and could result in choices contrary to your recommendation. To avoid this scenario, make sure that your client sees the designs the first time during your presentation. How? Well, there are thousands of ways to establish an audio line, e.g. via phone or via web conferencing. Making sure that your designs are displayed accordingly on the client’s device in real-time is more challenging. Really? In the past, it has been difficult since none of the existing solutions made it easy to present web designs in a simple way to (often less tech savvy) clients. Beamium solved this issue and makes it now very simple to present web designs to clients. Simply upload your files on Beamium and share the presentation link at the beginning of the meeting with your client. He will always be on the same page as you are and the only thing your client needs to do is clicking on one link at the beginning.

3. Guide your client through the production process

Now it’s your turn. Make sure that you transfer your emotions and your love to the design during the presentation to the client. Fascinate him with all the small, exciting details of his new design. Explain the most important decisions, show your first drafts and their disadvantages. Finally, reveal the amazing design and make your client excited about your work! However, you should always keep in mind that your client will mostly be much less emotional about the designs than you are. Don’t get frustrated. If you achieve that your client understands your passion and fractionally feels excited about the designs, everything is fine.

4. Adapt your designs if necessary

Even though you are much more experienced with web designs than your client, it is him who should use the design on an everyday basis. Your customer must work with the designs daily and should therefore feel comfortable with them. In case that you have not yet fully satisfied your client, offer him to revise the work and to adapt it to his feedback. Be aware that it is not “you against the client”. It rather should be “you and the client” who try to create the perfect web design for your client’s customers.

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Author: beamium