4 Presentation Tools to Encourage Audience Questions

The best applications for digital Q&A sessions

Today, we help you to avoid the embarrassing situations of Q&A sessions where nobody contributes anything. These new presentation tools help you to enrich your Q&As by encouraging your audience to ask questions.

Google Slides Q&A feature

It was a great surprise when Google Slides revealed its new Q&A feature in the beginning of 2016. With this new feature, the presentation audience can ask questions digitally during the whole speech. The listeners have the choice to ask anonymously or with their name. Moreover, everybody else in the audience is able to upvote questions. Correspondent to its name, the tool can only be used for Google Slides presentations. In case that you already use Google Slides, it definitely is the easiest way to enrich your Q&A sessions.


Slido is an event app which fosters audience interactions. With Slido, questions can be gathered from the audience at your speech. Simultaneously to the Q&A feature of Google Slides, Slido makes it possible for the other participants to upvote other questions. Questions can also be asked anonymously. To avoid inappropriate contributions, the questions can be filtered by a moderator before showcasing them on the stage. Slido is an event tool and offers other interesting interaction features, e.g. polling, as well.


Another tool to encourage audience interactions is Glisser. Like Slido, Glisser makes it possible to make Q&A sessions digital. Questions can be upvoted by other audience members as well. Moreover, Glisser offers many other features such as live tweeting, polling, or analytics. The main differentiation is its PowerPoint add-in which makes it possible to start Q&As directly from PowerPoint.


Beamium is a web-based solution which makes it possible to present on the devices of your audience. On top of that, your listeners can easily ask questions and give you feedback. Beamium does not allow anonymous questions which means that anybody who wants to participate in the Q&A session must share his email address with you. In contrast to most other tools, Beamium does also support interactions after the presentation.

Do you know any further Q&A tools which we have not mentioned in our list? What are your experiences with digital Q&A sessions? We look forward to your comments!

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@firmbee

Author: beamium