4 groundbreaking Inside Sales Tools

Useful and innovative sales technologies for the office salesperson

With the development of the internet and long-distance communication technologies, the outside sales trend that was common 30 years ago, has now been replaced by an increased focus in inside sales activities. Now more than ever, experts in inside sales that can manage different online communication channels are highly sought after by important companies. The modern profile of an inside sales representative is that of a highly knowledgeable and skilled salesperson, who can ingeniously use the diverse tools at his disposition to acquire and manage high-quality leads much more efficiently than his outside sales counterpart. Therefore, the success of an inside sales representative not only depends on his skillset, but also on the toolkit available to administer the diverse steps of a sales process. Such technologies can go from customer relationship management (CRM) tools to lead generation tools and often a combination of a diversified toolkit provides better results. Here are some innovative sales tools that can help you boost the performance of your sales team.

1. InsideSales.com

As it can be inferred from the name, this tool is ideal for the inside sales representative and a great solution to manage leads. InsideSales provides some interesting communications solutions as well as email and web tracking. Their PowerDailer outbound dailer can be integrated with Salesforce and has an interesting feature that allows the phone number to be adapted to a local area number, so that prospects are more likely to answer. Moreover, InsideSales is one of the most efficient lead management tools, since it has lead scoring, opportunity scoring and predictive forecast functions based on their algorithms and their huge amount of collected data. Therefore, it is ideal to qualify leads and opportunities based on accurate statistics.

2. SalesForce

Probably there is no surprise here, since in the last couple of years SalesForce has established itself as one of the go-to sales solutions out there. This powerful CRM tool basically collects everything related to your customers in one platform, from customer support and service to training, communities or opportunity and lead management. The tool is so diversified and useful, that is often employed across various departments, such as marketing and customer service, in addition to sales. Although SalesForce is not new to the sales market, it continues to innovate constantly with the addition of new features and solutions every year, which adjust to the needs of the industry. A great option for small and medium businesses willing to grasp deeper into their pockets.

3. Beamium

A breakthrough technology in the sales market, Beamium is an online presentation platform, that allows users to share effective presentations and capture leads through them. The tool works under the simple principle of uploading a presentation to the homepage through drag and drop or with just one click. In return, the user gets a link or a presentation code, which can be shared with audiences live. Moreover, the uploaded presentation can also be embedded in webpages or included in emails or social media posts, to passively track interactions with the document. The user receives a broad scope of statistics on the interactions of prospects with the document, such as likes, time spent per slide, comments, favorite slides, views pro slide a much more. Moreover, user can capture the emails of high-quality leads through specific calls to action such as a comment on a slide, a request to download the presentation or a slide number limit chosen by the user. A great tool to capture marketing and sales leads.

4. LinkedIn

Another heavyweight that has been around for a while, LinkedIn still is the leading business social network which is used in various innovative ways by inside sales representatives. It allows businesses to create profiles and share content with prospects and experts, to participate in interesting group discussions that at the same time are valuable pools of leads and to search for leads individually and establish a professional connection. In this sense, LinkedIn is by far way less intrusive than cold-calling. Moreover, the social network also provides more specific sales solutions like the Sales Navigator, which enables users to find specific company information such as HQs or employee size and provides lead recommendations tailored for each company. It can even be combined with plugins such as Dux-Soup that acts as a bot which searches LinkedIn profiles and collects contact information per your specifications.

Naturally not all tools will fit your company’s needs and some less popular might be better tailored for you than the heavyweights. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind the value of using various channels so that no valuable opportunity is missed. Inside salespeople save a lot of valuable time in transportation, which can be invested productively in choosing the right sales tools and allocating efforts properly. Would it be more effective to have reps looking for leads in LinkedIn or to share a whitepaper with Beamium on social media and newsletters? Maybe a combination of both? Innovations are there to simplify and enhance our everyday tasks, thus, the time invested in research and testing will certainly pay off in the future.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@maliha

Author: beamium