4 Tools to Publish Photoshop Creations Online

Better ways to transmit your Adobe Photoshop works

Adobe Photoshop is the tool that leaves your imagination without limitations: almost everything is possible to transform, manipulate, create and edit your work with this Adobe program. It is impossible to imagine the creative industry of today without Photoshop: it’s used not only for photography and arts, but also heavily by the marketing, advertisement and design industry.

If you are a creative that loves working with Photoshop, you must be familiar with the typical file-conversion problems. Most clients can’t open Photoshop files, and are unable to see the beautiful work you created. You need to export the file in a different format, and often have to compromise between two evils when it comes to sending it: (1) huge file size impossible to attach to any email but stunning quality or (2) painfully pixeled but easy-to-submit smaller size files.

Transfer Photoshop creations without using emails

There are several better ways to transmit high-quality images to to clients without using emails and attachment limitations. Now it is possible to publish large Photoshop creations online and show them to any audience worldwide! In either way, you should always convert your Photoshop file to a PDF or commonly used image format (e.g. jpeg, jpg, png) to guarantee the receivers will be able to open it on their devices.

Hera are some good options to share big creations made with Adobe Photoshop online and make them accessible to clients:

1. Dropbox: share folders & single files

One of the pioneers of collaboration tools: After creating a limited free or full premium account, you can create folders and share whole libraries with your team by adding them to the Dropbox folder or sending e-mail invitations. You can save and share your Photoshop creations, so others can download them.

2. Google Drive: collaborative folders, shared files

Similar to Dropbox, you can upload and share different folders and files with your audience. Again, you need to create an account. Sending the link to the document to be shared is inevitable, as google drive links are too complicated to type in manually.

3. Beamium: publish, present live and download files

Beamium is the fastest of the above tool to quickly share a file with others, as it requires simple drag&drop on the website to get started. Seconds later, you are able to live-broadcast your file to any audience worldwide – they join you using the 8-digit code you provide them with and can see the file in great quality on their own device immediately. Additionally, you can enable downloads if wanted. There’s no need to send emails or complicated signup links! As of today, Beamium works with PDF, pgn and jpeg files, but there will be more coming soon.

4. Wetransfer: submit big files to a selected audience

Wetransfer is a web service to get big files from one person to others by quickly uploading them and making them downloadable to selected people. You upload the file on the homepage, add recipient emails and the file will stay available for some days (free version) or an extended time (plus). Wetransfer Plus also allows you to send even larger files and some other features.

If you want your client to immediately see the file and avoid the step of sending emails with the file link, check out Beamium and experience your first live-presentation on multiple devices!

Image credit: © unsplash.com/@kit96

Author: beamium