3 Ways to Embed Presentations in your Website

Embedding presentations through Slidesnack, SlideShare and Beamium

There are multiple ways to embed presentations in your own website or blog. Find out about their advantages and disadvantages and choose which one makes most sense for you.


Uploading and embedding presentations with Slidesnack is very easy. After uploading the PDF document, the presentation can be shared or embedded easily. Slidesnack’s biggest advantage is the slidecast feature, which makes it possible to record voice in addition to the document. If you want to have a presentation with voice shared on your website, Slidesnack should be used. What is more, slidecasts can be shared on YouTube. A great tool for sharing slideshows with voice.


With SlideShare, presentations can be shared online on SlideShare and embedded afterwards. Since SlideShare is a tool of LinkedIn, there are some unique advantages of getting immediately to the LinkedIn profile of all people which comment publicly on your slides. Slides can either be shared with the general public and subscripted, or only be seen by the people which you invited. Of course, it is also possible to embed the presentation on your own website. Some more features such as analytics can be used additionally. Especially if you want to connect the embedded presentation from your website with the presentation on SlideShare, it makes sense to think about the marketing advantages which the tool offers.


Uploading and embedding a document on Beamium is very easy. One click to upload, another one to get the code for embedding the presentation on your website or blog. The biggest strengths of Beamium are the interaction features and its analytics. When you choose Beamium for embedding presentations on your website, your viewers will be able to share contact details as well as feedback or questions directly through the embedded presentations with you. A great advantage if you aim for generating inbound marketing leads with the slideshow. Moreover, Beamium enables your viewers to inquire live presentations from one of your company’s sales representative. Naturally, these presentations can be presented directly with Beamium as well to professionally support the viewer through the whole sales process.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@mumolabs

Author: beamium