3 Great Online Conferencing Tools - ClearSlide vs. DocSend vs. Beamium

Don’t screw up your client presentation: ClearSlide vs DocSend vs Beamium

Presenting your work in a professional way to clients is sometimes even more important than the result of the work itself. The way you present your work will influence the feeling of your clients and influence if you get future assignments. Hence, the tool you choose to present your results can have a major impact on your success. No matter how tech savvy you are, you should always keep in mind that the tool has to be suitable even for the least tech savvy participant of your conference. Today we would like to present 3 online tools to you, which makes it simple to present your results remotely to clients.


ClearSlide is a great tool for sales teams to enhance productivity with online presentations. The tool helps you to generate new customers by supporting your pitch presentation with analytics. While the tool is less known in Europe, it is currently hyped in the US. Compared to traditional competitors, access to shared screens gets very easy for the participants of the meeting with ClearSlide. It even supports HD video presentations and offers a solution for live pitches, email sharing of documents and mobile apps. Viewers can be invited via email with a personalized link. This personalized link enables you to track the interactions of your viewers with the presentation and helps to turn them into buyers. The tool can easily be used by less tech savvy viewers but the presenter should have some technical skills to utilize the product’s full capacity. After a few presentations, the dashboard gets more and more crowded and some time is needed to draw the right conclusions. The pricing of the tool starts from $35 for individual users and $95 for business users.


Although DocSend positions itself as an alternative to email attachments, it can also be used for client presentations with its feature present live. As the name reveals, the tool is primarily build to send documents via email to your clients. The greatest strength of DocSend is its deep tracking power. Whenever a viewer opens your document, you will be notified. This helps you to analyze your customers and understand their level of interest. Even if the analytical capabilities of DocSend are a great help, you should consider that your viewers maybe do not like to be tracked by you in that much detail. Another nice feature of DocSend is the possibility to update the document even after you have sent it to your client. Overall, DocSend offers many tracking possibilities for documents which are sent via email to clients and can also be used as a presentation tool for live pitches. The only thing the viewer has to do is opening the link to the document. The pricing starts from $30 for business users.


Beamium definitely offers the friendliest user experience for less tech savvy users and can be used on every device without any installations. While the tool has less features than its competitors, Beamium persuades with its easiness to handle and its automatic lead classification. The viewers can access presentations either via link or by simply entering an 8-digit presentation ID on www.beamium.com, which enables the presenter to use it for presentations to foreign viewers as well. Documents can be shared, embedded in websites and presented online. The presenter can easily upload a document with one click and start his presentation. Beamium offers slightly different analytics than other tools and focuses on the most crucial ones for better lead qualificiation in marketing and sales. A dedicated feature makes Beamium especially useful for capturing and qualifying leads. If you share your documents with prospective clients, Beamium will automatically categorize the lead's level of interest according to its marketing-, sales- or purchasing-readiness. The simple dashboard is understandable for everybody and combines customer insights with slide analytics. If you want to share your documents with prospective clients in a very simple way, there is probably no easier tool than Beamium on the market. The pricing starts from $12 for professional and $ 39 for business users.

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