3 Reasons Why You Should Share Handouts After The Meeting

Keep participants focused and save time and complications

Preparing and online meeting can be a stressful task. Usually not because of the presentation itself, but because of all preoccupations it conveys. You have to schedule a specific time that works for all key participants, you have to coordinate a channel that will be used to communicate and you have to share the presentation’s content with the different listeners. This is normally done before the presentation, so that participants can follow the details clearly. Nonetheless, this advantage comes at a high price, since providing your audience with the materials of the talk beforehand also carries some negative effects.

1. More time consumption, less productivity

The usual procedure is to send an email to all participants with the specific handout or report for the meeting. This, of course, consumes time, and not only yours, but also that of your colleagues. As soon as the email is sent you will probably receive numerous replies with specific questions and comments regarding diverse information displayed in the handouts. This further consumes the time of your colleagues, for they will start printing handouts (here is where your digital, environment friendly solution ends) and studying them instead of focusing on other tasks.

2. Technical difficulties

When you share the specific document you created on your computer, you risk that users with different software or OS versions will receive a document with images and graphs out of place or might not even be able to open it due to compatibility issues. Moreover, when distributing the handouts via email or similar solutions, you can face major file size restrictions.


If you want to keep your audience focused during the meeting, sharing the handouts beforehand is a big mistake. Viewers will already know the most important details of the discussion and will therefore only pay attention when their areas of interest are mentioned. Moreover, as with every remote discussion, it will be difficult for them to keep track of the slides and they will constantly interrupt the meeting asking questions about the page number.

Beamium eliminates such headaches

With the online tool Beamium, the only thing you need to worry about before a presentation, is about the content itself. The mentioned preoccupations can be completely forgotten, since with Beamium you can share your slides immediately before the presentation via a link or 8-digit code. In this manner you don’t lose time distributing emails and all viewers still have the information available during the presentation. Therefore, no handouts have to be printed and your colleagues will keep focused on other important tasks until the presentation takes place. Furthermore, Beamium synchronizes your slides with those of your viewers automatically, so that everybody is on the same slide. The tool includes a laser-pointer to emphasize those specific graphs or numbers during the meeting. Moreover, Beamium only requires an internet connection, for it is web-based and works on any device and OS, so technical difficulties are almost non-existent. After the presentation takes place, you can enable the slides for download as a universal PDF, so that the participants of the meeting can take the information with them.

Next time you hold an online meeting, just upload your document to Beamium, greet your colleagues during the call and tell them to insert the 8-digit code on www.beamium.com. As simple as that and with even better results. The content of your presentation is what really matters, leave the rest to us.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@bchild311

Author: beamium