3 Benefits of Presenting Online

Three reasons why you should consider online presentations

There are many ways to present to your audience including face-to-face presentations, online presentations, meetings, conference calls and many others. Traditionally, presenting face-to-face was the most important way of giving presentations. Modern technologies enable us nowadays to hold web-based presentations in front of thousands of people or to combine face-to-face and online presentations simultaneously. In this blogpost we would like to highlight three areas where online presentations outperform traditional ones.

Multiply your reach

There are small and big stages, but none of them is comparable to the theoretical reach of your online presentation. In case that you decide to invite as many people as possible to your online presentation, you could just share your link through various social media channels. Of course, your presentation topic as well as your description have to be interesting and distributed to the key influencers in your industry to reach an interesting number of viewers. The fact that thousands of people can just join your presentation with one click does not necessarily mean that anybody will do so if you have not done any marketing for it. Nevertheless, it is easier and cheaper to reach a larger number of viewers with a web presentation compared to the efforts necessary to get the same number of viewers at your face-to-face presentation. There are some limitations to the reach of your online-presentation such as time zones, languages or cultural differences. But overall, the potential reach of a web presentation is amazingly high and can result in an incomparable success if your presentation luckily goes viral.

No location-based costs

It would be nonsense to assume that no costs are involved in online presentations. You definitely should invest in the technology which you use as well as in your equipment. Your voice has to sound perfectly natural and the quality of your slideshow needs to be smooth anytime. Moreover, you should consider to spend some money in online marketing to announce your presentation. But all of these costs are reasonable compared to the high costs which you would have to pay at a face-to-face presentation where rooms, staff and much more expensive equipment is needed for such an event. Moreover, the invitation and registration process at live-events takes considerable time and needs to prepared months in advance.

Enhanced technologies

One could argue that the main advantage of face-to-face presentations is its advantage to directly engage with your audience. This is definitely true and direct interactions can result in impressive audience engagements which cannot be achieved at online presentations. However, there are many new technologies which help you to engage your audience instantly over distance as well. Questions can be asked, polls can be integrated and even live-feedback is possible with some fancy online presentation tools. These features make it easily possible to engage your audience and sometimes even outperform the level of traditional viewer interactions.

Overall, there are many good reasons why you should consider online presentations in addition to your normal ones. But does that mean that you immediately have to stop face-to-face presentations? Not at all! Rather than comparing live and remote presentations, you should try to combine them and broadcast your slide deck simultaneously in front of your audience and over the web.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@rikkichan89

Author: beamium