10 Reasons Why Marketers Should Use Beamium

Get more involvement and leads with your presentation

Marketing and presentations go hand in hand. In other words, a presentation is one of your most powerful marketing tools – if you use it right. Beamium supports marketers to get more leads with their presentations. Find out, how Beamium helps you to improve your ROI.

1. Simplicity

No installations, no downloads, no trainings, no difficulties. Using Beamium is super easy, for the presenter as well as for the listeners. This simplicity is very important since none of your potential customers is interested in technical problems. Accessing presentations through Beamium is a lot of fun for both of you.

2. Real-time information sharing

With Beamium, your listeners get a digital handout of your slides directly at the presentation. After following your talk or call, they can navigate freely through the document themselves. In case that you want to share your slides without presenting it, Beamium can be used as well. As a marketer, it is very important to get the information to your audience. Make sure that your business will be remembered after your talk.

3. Great interactions

In case that there are any questions, your viewers can easily ask you written questions – during or after the presentation. Moreover, feedback can be shared at any time as well. What if somebody wants to have more information? You will see in your report on which slide exactly this wish came up and can respond accordingly. Beamium makes it easier for your viewers to get in touch with you, at any time.

4. Awesome analytics

Marketers need to know if the document was understood by the recipient. Usually, it is a mix of guessing and hoping that everything is understandable. Your presentation report will unveil all details. Find out which slide your clients like most, where they have questions and when they leave the presentation. The more information you get, the easier it will be for you to understand your customers.

5. Presentation & handout combined

Traditionally, there has always been a crack between your audience interaction and the handout which has been shared afterwards e.g. via email. With Beamium, there is a frictionless transit from the live presentation to the handout of the document. After explaining the most important parts, you viewers can navigate freely through the details. No work for you, and a much better user experience for your clients.

6. Cross-device, cross-platform

Independently of the end device and operating system of your clients, Beamium always works. No matter if your customers use smartphones, notebooks or tablets to access the document, the only thing they need is an ordinary internet browser.

7. Secure

Sometimes, it is necessary to customize documents for your clients. One customer maybe receives another price proposal than another one. No problem, Beamium protects your presentation with an 8-digit ID code so that only the people with the access code (or with the access link) are able to join.

8. Flexibility

Do you want to start with a live presentation? Or do you want to simply share the document on Beamium via Email? Are you presenting in person or over distance? Why don’t you share it on social media? Or embed the link on your website? The great flexibility of Beamium makes sure that you can benefit from the tool no matter how you plan to use it.

9. No integration problems

Beamium is simply web-based. You only need to go to beamium.com and upload your files with one click. Ten seconds, no installations and everything works. You don’t need to be a technical expert for using Beamium. It is one of the most intuitive products you can imagine, which makes it a perfect tool for marketing purposes.

10. Reach a larger audience

The presentations which you shared with your viewers via Beamium can easily be shared by them with colleagues or friends. This helps you to reach the largest possible audience with your documents. All the people which get access to the document can easily get in touch with you. Moreover, you will benefit from more contact details which can be used for further lead generations … with Beamium!

Image Source: ©unsplash/@matteopaga

Author: beamium