Present and share your documents online

Engaging presentations with Beamium

Present and share your documents online

  • Upload PDFs, PPT(x), JPGs and PNGs through your browser and start immediately
  • Share your document and gather leads
  • Present in real-time on the devices of your listeners
  • Track the success of your presentation
  • Ideal for sharing sales presentations and phone calls

How it works

1. Drag your PDF into Beamium 2. Share your presentation ID with your viewers 3. Present your document live on the laptops, smartphones & tablets of your audience 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 PDF

Beamium enables you to share and present your documents directly on the notebooks, tablets and smartphones of your audience – without any installations. After uploading the presentation, you receive a unique presentation ID as well as a viewer access link.

Share this link with your audience so that they can navigate through your presentation or follow your pitch slide by slide in real-time. Interactive presentation features help you to engage your viewers. Get more contacts and track the success of your presentation.

Try it yourself and enhance your documents!

Watch the video to see it yourself

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Presenter features

Beamium is an online platform where you can easily upload a document by dragging it onto the designated field or just by simply clicking the required button. A process that takes less than ten seconds. Installing a software? Not here. Upload and share, it is as simple and straightforward as that.

Manage your presentations in your own account and track the success of your slides. Find out which pages your viewers like most, how long they remain and where they churned your presentation. Customize the lead form and determine if and where you want to gather contacts (in the beginning, in the middle of the presentation or before downloading). Smart engagement insights help you to classify your leads.

Viewer features

Viewers receive a unique ID which they can use to follow presentations. By entering the ID in the respective field, you will immediately be able to view the document. Beamium enables you as a viewer to give direct feedback, ask questions and download the document on every device.

Beamium is not necessarily a tool for high-tech presentations, even those less technologically savvy rejoice over its simplicity.


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