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Our vision

Our vision is to make presentation, project and document sharing as easy as possible. In our opinion, people should be able to share information instantly and effortlessly. To achieve our goals, we developed an innovative software called Beamium. This platform allows presentations and documents to be shared in real time to devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Our product offers options to engage listeners and to generate leads, creating a simple and effective sharing platform.

Driven by the pursuit of smart sharing solutions, we created Beamium. Beamium enables users to simply share documents, assignments and presentations. We developed Beamium to facilitate productivity. We help people to reach wider audiences, deliver stronger pitches, learn more from presentations and retain the information fundamental to their work and school lives.

From ideas to achievements

In 2015, we started the development of Beamium. With a uniquely generated ID, audiences, colleagues and clients are able to immediately retrieve and view PDFs, whether they are on the other side of the room or the other side of the world. The inspiration for Beamium initially came from the desire for a simple online presentation solution to provide visual information during conference calls. Together with our partners Senovo and Videri Concept, we realized - during frequent telephone pitches and presentations - that a modern solution for a more effective way to share ideas was not only needed, but overdue.

From this, our software was created, replacing paper printouts, continuous e-mail attachments and missing documents. Since then, our product has been continuously developed and improved upon, building on the responses and needs of our users. In late 2015, Slideflight GmbH was founded as an independent company in Munich, Germany. The ongoing partnership between our investors Senovo, Videri Ventures and the founding team led by Philip Franta has led to a growing team with dedication and vision. Beamium is an innovative, secure and simple solution for enabling easy communications. We take pride in our product, its abilities and the future possibilities.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated, passionate and forward thinking. We consistently strive to develop and advance Beamium for our users. Our aim to develop a platform that increase the productivity of work and sales processes is straightforward, just like our product. If you have any further questions or feedback for us, we look forward to Link 1.

Team franta

Phillip Franta


Team neckar

Carola Neckar


Team steinberg

Michael Steinberg

Business Development

Team schloemer

Merlin Schloemer

Web Developer


Dominik Bryant



Madita Kirschbaum


Much more than just an advisory board

Georg Kremer

Strategic Sales & Key Accounts Management

Florian Kappert

Front-End Development,
Product Management

Jakob Beyer

Back-End Development,
System Architecture